L I N K S.... The inspiration

My love of photography forced me to take a leap and turn LINKS Photography into a business. I am constantly studying the light around me and envisioning a portrait in a gorgeous scene. But what really got me thinking is the relationship we have to photography. The fact that a mere photo can can change our impression of someone, or even more, can create an impression of a person we never knew. In my childhood home there is a  portrait of my father and his parents on the wall. I never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather, but when I look at his eyes and the way he is standing proud with his family, I imagine that he was the most warm and kind hearted person. Though we have other portraits of him tucked away in an album, it is this framed portrait that I see all the time and that I think of when we talk about him.

I truly feel that photography has a way of connecting people, and I want to capture that. Thus, LINKS Photography was born, to link generations together. I look forward to creating a Custom Portrait Experience for you and your family!


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