Fabulous Over 50!

I'm so excited to launch a new campaign called 'Fabulous Over 50!'. If you're a woman over age 50 then this is for you! Let me show you how beautiful you are in a way you've never seen yourself before.

For a gorgeous look we need 3 things; flawless makeup, flattering posing and soft lighting. Of course an amazing dress and jewelry won't hurt! At your portrait session you will enjoy being pampered as a makeup artist will have you looking amazing.  Flattering posing will bring out your best and beautiful light will enhance your skin. I promise to show you the most beautiful photo that you've ever seen of yourself. 

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Carol is an amazing real estate agent and she looks beautiful!. Notice a few things about how she's posed. Her chin is lowered, creating a beautiful jawline and she is turned to the side because it's flattering! What you can't see is that she's shifted her hip back and is leaning forward slightly, both which enhance her figure. 

I'd love to  meet you and show you how beautiful you are!