3 Generation Portrait Session

It was magical to see 3 generations of women come together for this special day! I witnessed so much love and respect for Eva, 81. It’s a testament to her and the way she raised Dina, and Dina to her daughter Zsa.

Dina is a woman with a breadth of knowledge and talents. Her own line, coming soon, Nina Xouris Collaborative, is made by Misha & Co. jewelers. Her first piece is this beautiful necklace, seen on her in the portraits. And would you believe she’s Fabulous Over 50?!!!

She also started a nonprofit organization, Stronger Together, to support and raise awareness for homeless children in Baltimore. It’s one thing to talk about the problems in Baltimore, but it takes courage and dedication to do something about it and make a lasting impact! Learn more at https://www.strongertogetherlove.com/

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Makeup: Owen O’Donnell

Hair: Jen Davis of KCO Design | Salon & Day Spa

Dina’s Necklace: Nina Xouris Collaborative with Misha & Co.

Dina’s Jewelry: Misha & Co.

Dina’s Gold Gown: Francesca’s Atelier

Creating the PERFECT Portrait Session

So what exactly goes in to creating the perfect Portrait Session? A whole lot! Let me take you through from beginning to end.

From designing the Portrait Session to the print portraits.

From designing the Portrait Session to the print portraits.

  1. We have a consultation over the phone or in person to find out exactly what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a contemporary magazine style portrait or something more classic? Do you prefer black and white or color? When was your last Portrait Session and what was your experience? Who do you want to join you in your portraits?

    Clothing choices are a huge part of having a successful Portrait Session. I recommend bringing 4 outfits. You don’t need to worry about shoes because they won’t show in the portrait. This is because shoes styles change so frequently and will date your portrait. My goal is for your portrait to be timeless!

  2. A makeup artist will apply your makeup. Many of my clients have never been treated to professional makeup and it’s a really nice experience. While you are having your makeup done, I will design your Portrait Session. This entails deciding which outfits will look good together with which backdrops and poses. The black backdrop is really elegant and works beautifully with a dress in color or black. While the charcoal backdrop works with something more casual or for a business look. This is the most fun part for me and it keeps your session running smoothly.

  3. Your Portrait Session!

    This part takes around 1.5 - 2 hours as you go through all your outfit changes. I provide a lot of instructions in terms of posing. So you don’t have to worry about being photogenic. It’s my job to make you look good and tell exactly how to pose. I often joke with my clients that I pose down to your pinky, and it’s true. I will tell you how to move your hands just so, so that they look relaxed.

  4. The Reveal appointment

    About 2 weeks after your session we will meet. I select the best portraits, retouch and print them. You will be able to select your favorites to order! Whether you choose the popular Folio Box made in Italy, or a beautiful canvas, my goal is for you to love your portraits.

If you read all the way to the end, you should know about the $99 Portrait Special, ending soon!

I’m happy to answer any questions you have. No question is too small. It’s all in the details, so ask away! Contact me here.

Cristi's Portraits

It was so amazing photographing Cristi’s different looks. With so many beautiful portraits it was hard choosing my favorites. I think they’re all magazine worthy!

Thank you Cristi for following the Clothing Guide and bringing amazing outfits!

something black; yes to an awesome jumpsuit!

something light colored; yes to the lace dress!

a color; yes to a gorgeous red!

Makeup by Owen O’Donnell

Platinum Portrait Video

I had such a great time meeting and photographing Mets! She has an amazing bubbly personality and is so kind hearted. She's a fashion stylist and personal shopper with incredible taste. Mets also plans Baltimore's top events and fashion shows. We captured a variety of beautiful looks from everyday to glamorous. Which is your favorite?

Makeup by Owen O'Donnell www.withowen.com

Sarah's Senior Portraits

Sarah was an absolute dream to photograph. When a 1 hour photoshoot turns into 3 hours, you know we're having a good time! She's a talented dancer and actress which comes through in her portraits. From classic to dancing portraits, Sarah got to be a model for the day!

Makeup by the talented Owen O'Donnell. 

Fabulous Over 50!

I'm so excited to launch a new campaign called 'Fabulous Over 50!'. If you're a woman over age 50 then this is for you! Let me show you how beautiful you are in a way you've never seen yourself before.

For a gorgeous look we need 3 things; flawless makeup, flattering posing and soft lighting. Of course an amazing dress and jewelry won't hurt! At your portrait session you will enjoy being pampered as a makeup artist will have you looking amazing.  Flattering posing will bring out your best and beautiful light will enhance your skin. I promise to show you the most beautiful photo that you've ever seen of yourself. 

See more Fabulous Over 50 women here!


Carol is an amazing real estate agent and she looks beautiful!. Notice a few things about how she's posed. Her chin is lowered, creating a beautiful jawline and she is turned to the side because it's flattering! What you can't see is that she's shifted her hip back and is leaning forward slightly, both which enhance her figure. 

I'd love to  meet you and show you how beautiful you are!